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Our state of the art machinery provides additional services which ensure every stage is met and exceeded in the production process.  Flexibility and speed combined with A grade standards create a process which is second to none.

please see below our range of additional services:

over labelling
We have overhead high speed labeller’s and side labeller’s all of which can apply blank, pre-printed or security RF style labels. Our lines can even accommodate placing more than one label on the jar at any one time to speed up the process. Our experienced team are highly skilled and can over label many thousands of units per day.

inkjet coding
We have state of the art continuous ink systems capable at running high speed 800+ft/min, high spec output. We can print on most bottle substrates including pet, glass, plastics, caps, aluminium or plastic pouches. The coders are capable of printing multi lines of text and graphics. This is ideal for batch codes/not to be sold separately for example. If items are part of a promotion they are quickly set up for runs. We offer small batch work and can set two coders up to simultaneously print information on different parts of the substrate in a single pass.

barcode design and standards
We print labels to professional standards. Our labels are printed in a variety of sizes and shapes to best meet your requirements. The system meets the supermarket barcode standard, achieving A grade. This ensures you can sell your products to a number of retailers.
There are many reasons why you may wish to have labels printed in addition to your standard product packaging. Labels for products can enable you to provide further information for the consumer, attract attention, promote special offers, discounted prices etc and these can be easily applied and removed as required, without affecting the standard packaging.
In terms of food labelling, people are increasingly interested in the nutritional information, so are looking for products that offer a healthier choice.

There is an increased demand for this by our clients. We offer this service when the re-packaging of products is required.  This can be a result of packaging problems, either it has not travelled well or has received trauma during transit and looks somewhat distressed, these changes to packaging may be required for a different market or a brand refresh.

clip strips
Our plastic strips and excellent for pre-loading products onto. We supply the strips which come in various lengths and will hold up to 12 units per strip.

also see - Filling Services | Packing Services

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