What services do you provide?
• Over labeling
• Inkjet coding:
• Liquid Filling
• Pouch filling, granular filling, bagging, liquids into bag or pouch.
• Hand finishing:
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How cost effective are Wyepak?
Our fluid and adaptable approach to both production and management can provide highly competitive solutions whilst maintaining quality. Your saving on equipment is the key , in addition our shorter delivery times, help provide a quick turnaround without any delay in sales.

What is Wyepak’s approach to customer service?
We aim to always exceed client expectations. We see our customers as business partners so it is imperative that we communicate as efficiently as possible to get the job done, we are always only a phone call way

How are Wyepak to deal with?
We offer a consultative approach to our clients by providing them with better ways of working through tried and tested methods. Whoever you need to talk to, from management to production staff, you will find our company ethos friendly and efficient. We take time to listen and understand your goals.

Do Wyepak handle both large and small production runs?
Yes, we will assign the right resources to suit any project large or small.

What makes Wyepak different to other packaging companies? We take an enormous pride in our work and the success of our customers. They believe as business partners, our attention to detail is second to none and our adaptable fluid approach ensures the most cost effective solutions. Wyepak has been built around its people and we are always working to one common goal, to deliver successful results

What do Wyepak see for the future?
The industry is forever changing and evolving and as a company we need to follow suit. We are constantly looking at new solutions which will allow us to improve our production and give our customers the best possible quality and cost effectiveness.