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Our Advanced Filling Equipment produces high production rates which minimize cost and increase business output. Our dedication to detail, zero defect approach and supplier conformity ensure a comprehensive service that is second to none.

  • short Lead times and ability to change the process at a moment’s notice!

  • we are Compliant & exceed major brands supplier standards!

  • capacity in excess of 200,000 fills a week

  • what some can achieve in a week, we turnaround in hours!

please see below our range of services:

liquid filling
We have fillers capable of filling automatically from 500ml to 5ltr and semi automatically from 50ml to 25ltr. Our machines can auto cap and torque to the required value, and can accommodate triggers when required. All the machines can feed from IBC’s ensuring good batch control on the higher volumes. We will fill small runs for trialling.

pouch filling
We have a set of linier weighers which are capable of bag and pouch filling accurately semi automatically. We currently use them for dry granular products such as pet food or grass seed which will flow using vibration to move the product. We seal the pouches using linier sealers or foot sealers. The batch codes can be printed on the individual pouches using our continuous inkjet coders.
granular filling
Our filling units will accurately fill free flowing material into a stand-alone box, pouch, bottle or bucket. The filling units can be used as a stand free or linked to a machine for an automatic process should larger volumes be needed. The bulk can arrive in IBC stillage’s or returnable hoppers or sacks depending on the amount of bulk there is to process.
We process powders and granular bulk into retail ready packs which can be in the form of bags. Our bagging machine is capable of running various weight bags from 5g to 1kg on the vertical form filling machine.

See our Filling Fact File

also see - Packing Services | Additional Services

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