Wyepak meets QVC Compliance June 2016

Wyepak is constantly moving from strength to strength. Their background knowledge and consultative approach is attracting some of the larger players in the industry. However it is not just the end result and customer care that gives them their competitive edge, there are certain standards which need to be met.

One of their key strengths is they are QVC compliant. This means they can work with large organisations who sell through the Television channel and will ensure items such as labelling and barcodes meet the strict specifications set from QVC.

The QVC manual strictly dictates what conformity is required. Not all packing and filling companies comply to this manual, therefore it puts Wyepak at a distinct advantage.
Proud of their company history, Directors Mark Tooth and Jim Cooper are continuously researching new methods and equipment to ensure they meet all the standards and exceed client expectations.
The QVC compliant stamp provides great reassurance to clients that they are in safe hands.






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