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Let Wyepak wrap up
Christmas 2023 for you

After a tough 2022 for retailers, Christmas 2023 is sure to bring its own challenges. Wyepak is on hand to make sure filling and copacking is one element you don’t need to worry about.
Start your planning now

Get ahead of the Christmas curve – let’s start talking today about your brand and festive retail plans on 01432 263613, or drop us a line at or use the contact form below

    Filling and copacking done properly

    Gift retailing is all about shelf appeal. Getting the packaging right – every time – helps convey the quality of your brand, allowing you to sell at premium prices.

    It’s never too early to think about Christmas. Planning well ahead will optimise your festive performance with less stress, improved quality and the comfort of knowing your product will look its very best on the Christmas shelves. So the time to start planning is now.

    Why you can trust Wyepak

    We have a huge amount of copacking experience for a variety of brands across different retail sectors.
    The earlier we’re involved (preferably at the design stage), the more value we can offer:

    Avoiding expensive mistakes that could eat into margins in the latter stages of delivery

    Ensuring availability of materials and mitigating supply chain issues

    Allowing time for careful and efficient packaging design and product testing

    Outside of Logistics Retail Warehouse With Inventory Manager Using Tablet Computer, talking to Worker Loading Delivery Truck with Cardboard Boxes, Online Orders, Food and Medicine Supply, E-Commerce
    All FSDUs were delivered on time and in full, which is the first time this has happened for us as a company.
    Wyepak client from luxury brand
    Gold standard from the outset

    Once the product and packaging is ready, we always recommend developing a ‘gold standard’ sample, alongside a detailed specification which include any special requirements (such as labelling and coding). This way, we can provide the clearest quotation, allowing you to budget more accurately.

    Zero defect approach

    Once we have an agreed and tested standard to work to, we can guarantee that every gift package will leave our warehouse in perfect condition, to the brand standards you expect. Our dedication to detail and a zero defect approach is backed by our achievement of ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO45001 standards.