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There is an increased demand for re-packaging from our clients. This can be as a result of packaging problems (either it has not travelled well or has been affected by trauma during transit). Alternatively, packaging changes may be required for a different market, or as a result of a brand refresh.
What we can help with

Quality checking which could include unpacking, cleaning or QS the stock, adding labels, tags or barcodes and repacking in either the original packing or new


Relabelling to rectify errors or adding different language labels for new markets


Re packing of goods into new outers for a different customer


Reworking old stock and reconfiguring it to suit new customers

Find out how we can help with your rework challenges
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Committed to minimising environmental impact

We’re passionate about reducing the impact of our activities on the environment. We do this by:

Minimising waste by evaluating operations and ensuring they are as efficient as possible.

minimising environmental impact

Actively promoting recycling both internally and among our customers and suppliers.

zero to landfill policy

Partnering with a local waste management company to employ a zero to land fill policy.