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Our liquid filling services cover a number of different sectors – from cosmetics, personal care and household, to the chemicals industries. Our equipment ensures high production rates, helping to minimise costs and increase business output.

From 30ml to 25 ltr, our advanced filling machines fill containers with the exact amount. Thanks to our proven flexibility we’re able to work with the majority of sizes and shapes of bottle. Additionally, we can bottle products that have different viscosity (from water-thin liquids to those with a higher viscosity). We can also use different types of containers for your products, including plastic, glass and metal.

It all adds up to a liquid filling and packaging solution that matches your brand’s high standards and meets your deadlines.

Short lead times, with the flexibility to change the process at a moment’s notice

Full production runs


Emergency cover


New project start-up


Additional capacity requirements


Trial runs and pre-production testing


Technical support

ISO 9001 certified, we go beyond major brands’ quality management supplier standards
  • Retail compliant, including Tesco, Asda, QVC and J D Williams
  • 100% batch control and traceability
  • Zero landfill policy 
Capacity in excess of 200,000 fills a week
  • From as small as 30ml to as large as 25ltr
  • Extensive experience with liquids, creams, gels
  • Fill household chemicals, fragrances, cleaning agents, lubricants
  • On site storage capacity of 24,000 sqft high bay storage
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What some achieve in a week, we turn around in just hours

Multi-head filling technology
minimising environmental impact
Automated liquid filling machine produces over 2400 fills an hour
zero to landfill policy
Daily and weekly packing support