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When Bigger Does Mean Better

Moving to our new facility offers greater flexibility all round

It’s important that a growing business looks ahead to see how it can continue its upward trajectory and continue to offer its customers even more. Taking on this progressive approach, Wyepak moved to a brand new, bigger facility in March last year.

Our need to move

We previously operated out of four separate 1960s-style factory units. This meant that managing our people and operations was not as efficient as we would have liked and moving stock, or accessing specific stock at a moment’s notice, could be an issue. Not only that, as our business expanded, we simply needed more warehousing space.

Clearly better by design

The opportunity arose to move to a larger unit at Sigeric Business Park in Hereford and we started operating from here on 1 March 2022. We were fortunate to have had a high degree of input into the design process of the facility, so we could plan important aspects such as where the lines would be sited and where the power would go, for example.

The new facility means that now, for the first time, we have offices with a complete overview of our lines. This allows us to see our team clearly, spot a ‘pinch point’ if it’s emerging, and adjust the flow accordingly. Soon after moving into the building we invited the team to view production from the offices’ platform, showing the useful perspective it offers everybody.

The benefits of boosting capacity

Expanding our capacity also enables us to offer much greater flexibility. Our customers increasingly require us to hold a greater volume of stock so that we can build to their plans & forecasts. Now, with 24,000 sqft of high bay storage space we can comfortably handle in excess of 1,300 pallets.

That’s not all; our new, highly professional environment is beneficial for our team too, with excellent welfare facilities and the highest standard of health & safety.

The push to deliver more

Expanding our capacity has made our day-to-day operations more efficient, flexible and professional. Looking into the future, it allows us to strengthen the important partnerships we have forged with our customers in the years ahead.

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