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Copacked into 55 seconds

What we do, at a glance

How does Wyepak do copacking differently,  properly? The ‘how’ is what sets us apart; and we’ve been focused on a rigorous, quality-led and brand conscious approach from the very start of the business.

But sometimes people want to know, very simply, what we do. And while our jobs are diverse, we thought we’d explain how we can help you, all in one place.

So, what exactly do we do?

  • We liquid fill bottles and pouches, from 15ml to 25ltrs using semi-automatic volumetric filling machines. This is done from 1000ltrs IBCs or drums of liquid (supplied by the customer).
  • Liquids are secured by screwing tops on, either by auto cappers torquing up to agreed tightness; or hand finishing using air tighteners. Normal screw caps, triggers, nozzle caps and flip caps can all be accommodated.
  • We also have the facility to Enercon seal, which produces a welded seal (similar to plastic milk bottles).
  • Bottles are then labelled and boxed into either retail point of sale cartons or placed into shipping boxes, onto a pallet for collection into the distribution channel.
  • We also pack products into retail cartons, gift cartons, hampers and promotional gifts.
  • Volumes can run from 1 or 2 items per pack, to 20+; and finished packs in the hundred or tens of thousands of units.

We’re ready to put our high quality capabilities to work for your brand and your stock – whether it needs refreshing, re-coding, re-packaging or completely reworking to fit your latest requirements.

Wyepack. Why pack anywhere else?

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