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Copacking done differently from the start

From the very start, Wyepak approached the copacking industry a little differently – by listening more carefully, checking more rigorously and recognising the importance of brand to customers.

A more thoughtful, reassuring approach

Mark Tooth and Jim Cooper formed Wyepak in 2013 with a team of 22.‘Different’ started with how they wanted to be seen by customers: to quickly become their reliable external manufacturing line. Providing this reassurance would mean customers could focus on being creative with their brand, pulling through the channels and opening up new markets at home and around the world.

Mark Tooth explains: “We wanted to be an extension of our customers’ business, listening to them from the very start. We’re the powerhouse behind our customer: taking away the pain, giving them that reassurance and exceeding their expectations.”

Being a brand guardian

It seemed to Mark and Jim that there were so few copackers who really listened to what the customer wanted in order to find the most effective solution; who look after the customer’s product as if it were their own (and all without costing the earth). Because it’s not just a case of products being late, damaged or poorly presented – it’s the customer’s brand reputation that’s on the line, every time.

Wyepak has always listened to and discussed customers’ exact needs to make sure the very best, most efficient solution follows – not just the one the customer thought they needed. This is unusual in an industry not renowned for thinking around corners.

Mark picks up this point: “By understanding our customers’ positioning and empathising with their brand, we’re able to ask ‘does this feel right?’ when the unit is in our hand. We check it, critique it and flag it up if it’s not quite right. So by the time it hits the shelf, it’s exactly what the marketing department has signed off.”

A team that goes beyond expectations

As a filling and packing powerhouse, we work hard in the background for customers, investing in state-of-the-art machinery and technology – semi-automated volumetric fillers that are capable of the highest levels of accuracy.

But Wyepak is about a lot more than machinery. We’ve built up a team of people who work closely together, take pride across the whole job, and know how to pack with speed and accuracy – they’re problem solvers, not order takers. It means the last unit packed looks as good as the first one. And it means we stay ahead when it comes to efficiency, flexibility and quality.

Quality that’s always under control

We’re an extended part of our customers’ own quality control systems. In an industry where standards sometimes fall short, we’re fully focused on setting new, higher quality standards: from providing comprehensive training for our people, through to following production legislation closely and meeting exacting standards and delivery expectations – legally and for our customers. We pride ourselves on not just one, but three ISO certifications in environmental, health and safety and management systems, so customers have complete assurance in the quality of how we operate.

That’s where we’ve come from. What’s next?

Today’s supply chains are under a great deal of pressure, creating opportunities for a partner who takes greater care and delivers greater quality. Environmental impact is a bigger consideration than ever, and is more closely scrutinised by the end consumer. Wyepak offers bespoke, locally made solutions that perform today and do more for our future too.

This is how we’re realising our original vision to do copacking differently, to do it properly. Why not have a conversation with Wyepak about how we can make a positive difference to your brand? Let’s talk about stock that needs refreshing, re-coding, re-packaging or completely reworking to fit your exact needs.

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